If Kenny Florian beats Diego Nunes he’s getting a title shot?

Wow, Kenny Florian just did what millions of workers across America wish they could do and pressured their boss into possibly giving them a title shot on ESPN’s MMA Live. Wait what? Bosses across America can grant title shots? Yes. To me a raise or any type of promotion=’a title shot’ in my book, but the logic ends there. I don’t have anything beyond that. Either way, K-Flo saw an opening and took it while Dana White was breaking down the Jose Aldo/Mark Hominick title fight on MMA Live, and with a winning smile, I think his wish got granted? K-Flo is savvy, he knows whats up…live TV and all. Smart. Watch the negotiation below.

Somehow I have a feeling Chad Mendes, Dustin Poirier, Josh Grispi and especially Diego Nunes will want to get a ‘reporting job’ immediately. Perhaps this is why MMA media has such a bad/weird/confusing image to most. We don’t see NFL players negotiating contracts on ESPN during the season. Props nonetheless if he makes that weight cut, it’s hard to believe Kenny fought at middleweight on TUF.


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