If Georges St. Pierre had a Volvo commercial, we’re pretty sure this is what it would look like

Despite all the criticism, I’m still a fan of Georges St. Pierre. It takes a special kind of human being to jab Josh Koscheck for 25 straight minutes instead of offering him a quick and easy way out, despite breaking Koscheck’s orbital early in the fight. I mean, after all the nonsense Koscheck talked about Canada and its hockey teams, it was the least GSP could do for his countrymen. For the rest of you, GSP is a ‘safe fighter’ who only fights ‘not to lose,’ and some would argue that those performances are amongst the least impressive in the UFC. We disagree. There are no such things as boring fights, just overly-passionate fans of MMA who prefer seeing fights finished when it’s not always possible. Maybe we’ll see GSP return to the style that made him popular in the first place; until then, he’ll maintain his ‘safe status’ amongst critics. It makes this fan-made commercial seems that much more appropriate.

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