Ice Cube’s Son Rips Into Colby Covington Over ‘Woke Athlete’ Comments

Recent Comments From Colby Covington Strikes The Ire Of Many Including Ice Cube's Son, O'Shea Jackson Jr.

Colby Covington
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Following his win over Tyron Woodley, Colby Covington went off on some of the racial issues plaguing the country. This got the attention of many, including Ice Cube’s son, O’Shea Jackson Jr.

Even before last weekend’s UFC Vegas 11 main event, Covington had made a ton of enemies. However he took things to a whole new level in promoting this fight, brazenly going after sensitive topics, and even calling Tyron Woodley a terrorist. This did not slow after the fight either, as he made several disparaging comments about Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal, as well as doubling down on the criticisms of the Black Lives Matter movement and the efforts of LeBron James.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. Goes Off On Colby Covington

Naturally the type of character that Colby Covington has shown is sure to attract some negative attention. However a potentially surprising candidate of people who were bother by his comments was O’Shea Jackson Jr., son of rapper and actor Ice Cube. He took to Twitter to blast Colby for his comments, going on a tirade against the welterweight contender.

“Fuck you Colby Covington. Vote for who you wanna vote for. Praise who you wanna praise. That part don’t matter to me. When I hear you say “these woke athletes”. It tells me “Black athletes” or “athletes who care about the advancement of black people in this country”. Unnecessary

“And he may be trolling. This may be “what he does”. And that’s fine, but keep that heel shit in yo sport. I hope you see it Lebron and I hope it pushes you to win the championship and put your face EEEEEVVVEERRRYYYWWWWHHHHEEERRRREEEE!!!! Remind him everyday. Maybe he can wake up”

This onslaught continued, as Jackson mocked Covington for fumbling his words, and encouraged LeBron James to teach him something. He then concludes by saying that he understands Colby just wants attention, but that he still crossed the line.

“Matter of fact. Maybe Lebron can build another school to teach that moron covington somethin.

Lmao “akthletes?” Lmfao

Either way I know he just wants the attention. It’s an extreme version of the Mayweather marketing technique. It just really upset me because of @MichaelRapaport hahaha. So ima go back to my breakfast and watching old episodes of Duck Dynasty lmfao”

Given the fact that Ice Cube spent the better part of his rap career being a voice against police brutality and systematic racism, it makes sense that his son would have similar views. It is still surprising to see that the comments of Colby Covington have crossed over into this other side of entertainment. It just goes to show how divisive he really is.

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