I’m calling it right now, Mark Hunt vs. Ben Rothwell will be Fight of the Year

What happens when you get two heavyweights with a combined weight of over 500 lbs? You get an elevator that will be unable to elevate. The door will just endlessly open and close in an attempt to lure someone out. The elevator doors will resemble an oversized and immobile Pac-Man, unable to get those little white pellets that it desires. Mark Hunt and Ben Rothwell have the ability to make handicapped Pac-Mans, and there’s nothing you can do about it — except politely tell one of them to get off the elevator.

MMAWeekly learned from a source that the UFC is targeting Mark Hunt vs. Ben Rothwell for UFC 135 in Denver, Colorado. Their source is so secret that it will make your head smoke, and eventually set off your fire alarm. As you stand in your now water-soaked apartment, you can reminiscence on the time when Mark Hunt scored the walk-off KO of the year back in February when he knocked out Chris Tuchscherer with one uppercut and never looked back.

UFC 135, which will go down September 24th, will most likely be headlined by Jon Jones vs. Rampage Jackson along with Diego Sanchez vs. Matt Hughes and Kid Yamamoto vs. Damacio Page. Now Skate or Die! Ah, that has no relevance to this article, but it’s incredible that those were the two options presented to Generation Y. Learn how to skate, or face an early death is how we lived. Kids today are nincompoops. [Source]

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