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Darren Till: ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Say ‘F*ck You’ To Everyone Who Keeps Babbling About Weight’

Darren Till: ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Say ‘F*ck You’ To Everyone Who Keeps Babbling About Weight’

Darren Till Barely Waits To Silence Online Trolls

Darren Till will fight Tyron Woodley at the main event of UFC 228 on September 8 at American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas. Only 10 days are left until The Gorilla’s biggest enemy – the weigh-in!

Darren Till has missed weight two times. In the first place, Darren Till had 176 pounds for the match versus Jessin Ayari at UFC Fight Night 109. Till missed the scale for the second time at UFC Fight Night 130 versus Stephen Thompson. His weight was 173.5 pounds.

Darren Till spoke about his weight cut process. Till didn’t say how many pounds he exactly has at the moment. The Gorilla only promised he will reach the 170-pound weight limit. He wants to silence online trolls from the bottom of his heart. (via

“It’s shit. It’s shit. It’s f*cking, I hate cutting weight, I hate making weight, I hate dieting,” Till said. “I’m gonna make this weight, so I can’t wait to [put up my middle fingers] when I step on them scales. I’m just, I’m in that moment now where I just, I don’t want to train anymore, I don’t want to eat good anymore. I just wish I had a hamburger in front of me, but it’s all sacrifices and I made a mistake last time. I just can’t wait to say f*ck you to everyone who just keeps babbling on about weight and, ‘He didn’t make weight, f*ck Till.’ F*ck them.”

Darren Till (17-0-1 MMA, 5-0-1 UFC) did a surprising move. He went out of his hometown Liverpool and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. He prepares with Team Kaobon teammates for Tyron Woodley match. Till says that despite the facilities are amazing, he becomes sick and tired of the isolation. Darren Till counts the days until the weigh-in. He also stated he could cheer up only if someone brings him to McDonald’s.

“I’m just, this camp, as much as it’s been short, it’s been tough on me,” Till admitted. “So I think just these next few days, I’m just in a bit of a mood. Because as I said, back home, I get to the gym, I do my work, what needs to be done, and I leave the gym and I don’t see anyone until late in the night. Now it’s sorta like, I feel like the cameras are always on me, I feel like there’s people always just nagging me here, there, everywhere. And it is part and parcel. If someone brought me a McDonald’s right now I’d cheer right up, but it’s what it is.

“I’m not a moody person, I’ve just woke up in one of them moods. I’m tired. I just want the fight to be here. I’ve done all of my work. I’m ready for five rounds, I’m ready for one round. I’m fit. I’ve really put all of my effort into training, into dieting, into being the best me. So I’m just having a few off days.”

UFC became suspicious due to Darren Till’s weight problems. Kamaru Usman comes as a backup plan. Yet, Tyron Woodley said he will face The Gorilla no matter what happens. At the moment, Till wants to reach 170-pound limit, smack Woodley’s ass, and stop critics.

“To be honest, right, I don’t really care,” Till said of Usman’s presence. “I feel like I’m the only fighter who’s ever missed weight in the UFC, to be totally honest. I feel like anyone, when we talk about weight now, it’s Darren Till, Darren Till, all of this. I missed weight — people just need to get off it.

“If Usman’s there and ready, and by some chance I miss weight entirely — Tyron said he wasn’t going to fight him, I saw, but it is what it is. They’ve got their back-up. Usman, they’ve told him, he’s doing what he’s told, so I’m just not arsed. I’m just focused on Friday, making 170, and then Saturday, going in and absolutely f*cking destroying Tyron Woodley. That’s all I’m focused on right now.”

Tell us your thoughts. Will Darren Till miss the weight for the third time?

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