HUNT WEEK: The time in 2012 every single person on the internet rallied around Mark Hunt


When internet MMA community needs hope they turn to Mark Hunt. A poet with his words and a painter with his fists, Hunt is Renaissance man who believe it or not one time needed help from the very fans that put him up on a pedestal. Everyone from old school forum commenters, fake MMA twitter profile makers, bros who actually just trained UFC, and aspiring regional ring card engineers joined together for a noble cause; to get Mark Hunt a UFC title shot!

Like all great cultural movements “Hunt for title shot” had an unofficial Twitter hashtag. Keyboards far and wide typed in 16 letters broken out into four words that simply read #RallyForMarkHunt. The spring of 2012 was a majestic time in the world of MMA. MMA fans all learned little something and everyone became a little better on the inside thanks to one Mark Richard Hunt of South Auckland, New Zealand.

MMA historian and video maker NickTheFace captured the snapshot in time with a single 53 second video.

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