How can you blame Dave ‘Pee-Wee’ Herman for doing this at Sengoku: Soul of Fight?

My mom always said when the ‘Super Terrific Cuties‘ come, you better protect your neck. Yeah, she’s a big Wu-Tang fan, but that’s beyond the point. Pancarase has an amazing array of ring card girls they call the ‘Super Terrific Cuties’. Whoever granted them that title must be from the same naming committee who thought of such groundbreaking nicknames as Gutsman from Megaman 2 and ‘Donkey Kong’ (that’s my Seanbaby shout-out for 2011). Unfortunately for you, this article isn’t about the ‘Super Terrific Cuties’. Damn. Sorry to transform your high hopes of the ‘Super Terrific Cuties’ into ‘heavily disappointing glimpses of depression’.

On December 30th, Dave ‘Pee-Wee’ Herman grabbed a unanimous decision over Yoshihiro Nakao to claim his 20th career win. In the final round of the bout, Herman decided to do exactly what you would have done if placed in the same scenario. [Source]

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