Houston Alexander cries when he punches

Here’s a science experience that you undoubtedly should try at home. Get your friend to inject you with artificial adrenaline, pull out a K-mart mannequin and repeatedly hit it in the face. Not only will you be revered as ‘that guy who punches inanimate objects’ but you’ll have enough adrenaline running through your veins to cry about it afterward. If you can’t get your hands on artificial adrenaline, take a few shots of Jack Daniels and have your friend tell you about the time he found out your ex was cheating on you with the guy you used to sit by in Biology class. You’ll get the same results. 

Houston Alexander already has the force to punch a hole through the van halen belt, combine that power with a couple shots of adrenaline and you get The Incredible (and emotional) Hulk – Houston Alexander style. Props to Steve for the vid. 



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