Holy crap… Cyrus Washington lands brutal spinning heel kick KO in bare knuckle bout

If you ever find yourself in a bare knuckle fight in Thailand you always have to mix in at least one spinning back heel kick attempt. When in Rome do as the Romans do. When in a Thailand bare knuckle fight be respectful to the culture and launch a few spinning back heel kicks at your opponent. Even if you knock them out via spinning back heel kick they’ll appreciate your respect for traditions. 

Phuket Top Team’s Cyrus Washington is a respectful kickboxer. During a recent Muay Thai fight where your hands are only covered with tape plus gauze and head butts are completely legal, Washington hits the finest walk off KO of his career. A veteran of Lion Fights, Washington went to war with his opponent for two rounds prior to the KO finish in the third frame.

Nicknamed “Black Dynamite” Washington used the old Street Fighter II set-up for his spinning heel kick. Bounce in place a little, look your opponent in the eyes, and then hit your finisher. The turbo infused special move from Washington drops his opponent in a heap. The built up sweat on Washington’s foe’s head explodes in a C-4 inspired clump. And boom goes the dynamite.

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