Highlights: Leech Colby Covington Defeats Rafael Dos Anjos Via Decision, Wins Title

Rafael dos Anjos fights for the Interim Welterweight belt versus the biggest trash-talker of all time, Colby Covington. Rafael dos Anjos (29-8 MMA, 17-7 UFC), a veteran, a former Lightweight champion, and a guy who talks inside the octagon, versus Colby Covington (13-1 MMA, 8-1 UFC), the fighter hated by everybody, who attacks everybody in his way, fighters from all weight divisions. It will be a bad blood for sure! Can a fighter from favela defeat the bad version of Conor McGregor?

Round 1

Fighters started very toughly, Covington takes him down and pushes him against the fence. And one more takedown by Covington but dos Anjos stands up.


Dos Anjos bleed off his left ear, this is not good. Covington misses few strikes, but RDA lands a great left low kick. Covington tries to wrestle up again and pushes him against the fence again!

RDA tries to move around and escapes clinch for the first time. Dos Anjos defends well, Colby looks tired. Covington pushes dos Anjos against the fence over and over but eats few elbows. What a ducking in by RDA, he has escaped a knockout blow!

Covington goes for low kicks but dos Anjos returns with a right uppercut. Covington misses with a spinning back fist and dos Anjos lands with a counter punch. Fighters in the clinch again, the round ends. Probably the round for Colby Covington.

Round 2

Dos Anjos blocks a right high kick but Covington attacks heavily and crushes dos Anjos again, who finishes against the fence. Both fighters in the clinch. Dos Anjos missed a chance for a guillotine but lands a great right kick to the body. Covington has a problem holding guard, his hands are going down. One more takedown attempt by Chaos!

Covington Rocked!

Covington receives strong right uppercut, dos Anjos looks a lot better, Colby slows up and clinches again. Dos Anjos defends like a pro, and Covington’s left uppercut looks funny. What a left hook by Brazilian! Covington looks for the clinch and saves himself!

Good left hand by Brazilian but Chaos takes him to the ground again and holds his back. But Rafael recovers from the back mount and stands up again.

Round 3

Will dos Anjos shift into sixth gear his corner orders him to wake up? Covington has a cut under his right eyebrow. Covington goes forward but eats left uppercut. Clinch again, and dos Anjos against the fence. Good exchange but no effect!

Covington is very brave but dos Anjos lands a strong knee to the opponent’s mid-section. Covington with a great right kick to the body. The Brazilian is on the ground again but uses the fence to get back on his feet.

Nut Shot!

Nut shot by Covington! Will Herb Dean warn him? It was an intentional foul… NO!

What a counter by dos Anjos, great left hand and a knee off the clinch but Covington constantly pushes him against the cage over and over. What a left cross and left low kick by dos Anjos but Chaos goes forward again! Tremendous exchange by both fighters!

Covington has his back again and lands few knees to the thigh. Both fighters aren’t looking fresh anymore, and the chances of knockout stoppage aren’t a probability anymore.

Round 4

Covington’s corner tell him to attack the opponent’s left leg, is he going to listen? Wow, what a left hand by dos Anjos, this is what we’ve been waiting for… but Colby recovers!

What A Change!

Rafael goes forward, he has changed tactics. Good takedown attempt by Covington, but now dos Anjos counters and finishes in the dominant position. Dos Anjos is in the north-south position.

Colby Covington was able to get up, but world-class double leg by Rafael dos Anjos! Covington is tired and dos Anjos presses hard! What a left knee to the thigh! The third takedown by Brazilian, Chaos escaped but for how long? What a ducking out by Brazilian, but Covington again in the clinch! Both fighters landed the equal number of significant strikes!

Covington goes forward and dos Anjos sends few great elbows. Great exchange and dos Anjos lay on his back. Colby finishes in the half-guard and the round is over. Dos Anjos is cut under both eyes.

Round 5

Dos Anjos has to put all he has into the knockout blow or a stoppage. Covington clinches up again and pressed the Brazilian’s back landing few knees to the thigh.

The Best Moves

What a flying knee by dos Anjos and a superman punch by Covington but missed!

New takedown by Covington, is this the beginning of the end for dos Anjos? Both fighters in the clinch again, Chaos controls RDA’s legs. Chaos looks to end up the fight… dos Anjos with a great right kick to the body but Covington replies with three clear punches to the head.

Good left hand by Covington but he eats a strong left hook. Dos Anjos is against the fence again. Chaos behaves like a leech and he takes dos Anjos again. We are looking for an open fight now, great punch exchange. Chaos in the clinch again, and the fight is finished. Probably the victory for Covington.

48-46, 48-47, 48-47, unanimous decision for Colby Covington!

Check out the action below:

Winning moments:


Published on June 10, 2018 at 12:00 am
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