MMA Rundown

Highlights: GSP, Cain, Cowboy, Bjorn Rebney announce The MMAAA and The MMA Internet nearly implodes

The MMA (MMAAA) game just got changed. In weird alternate reality, that we currently reside in Bjorn Rebney is leading the charge to improve working conditions for the UFC roster. What a time to be alive.

Today on a media conference call The Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association, or MMAAA for short, was formed by five powerful UFC fighters. The five-member board of the MMAAA is made up of Georges Dt-Pierre, Cain Velasquez, TJ Dillashaw, Tim Kennedy and Cowboy Cerrone. Five different fighters from five different background have come together for the common good of the entire UFC roster.

Who would have thought these five dudes plus the former president of Bellator are together on the front lines of what will surely be a labor war with the UFC. Check out the highlights straight from the mouths of the leaders of the new association, the MMAAA, that may change how the UFC runs it business going forward.

Complete audio of the conference call below

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