Full Highlights: Demetrious Johnson Wins Decision in Toughest and Funkiest Challenge Yet From Tim Elliott

Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap, holy crap. This was definitely Fight of the Night and could be one of the Fight of the Year candidates and the toughest test of Johnson’s reign at flyweight. Surprising absolutely everyone, indestructible Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson was almost vanquished by the grandmaster of funk Tim Elliott. Well, in the first round.

Elliott straight dropped Johnson in a heart-stopping moment and then wrapped him up later in the round with a guillotine he eventually transitioned to a darce. …But Johnson gave a thumbs up to Herb Dean and was like, we cool, bro.

Chaos continued for five rounds. After the first round that Elliott spent mostly squeezing tightly on Johnson’s bald head, he was spent. Johnson seemed to realize this so at one point he actually pinched Elliott’s nose to disrupt his breathing like you would to a sleeping little brother.

The rest of the rounds were pretty much all Johnson smothering Elliott on the ground and attempting submissions that Elliott would defend every single time. At one point his arm was definitely bent behind his back in a way that it shouldn’t be but he is a damn Gumby so it didn’t matter.


I mean, this fight was really nuts. It’s one of those that you really need to watch twice in order to really grasp all that is going on: Insane scrambles, Tim Elliott being all Tim Elliott, HIM DROPPING JOHNSON, about 100 submission attempts. Crazy.

At the end of the day, Johnson got to show how amazing he is and Elliott got to prove to everyone that he definitely belongs in the UFC. Mighty Mouse is only one title defense away from reaching Anderson Silva’s record and you have to think Joseph Benavidez is next to finish up the trilogy.

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