Hey guys, BJ Penn can shoot big guns too

Remember last night when you were trying to find the 89th reason why BJ Penn could kick your ass inside the cage? Well reason number 89th just surfaced on the internet. There’s no need to worry anymore. All of those sleepless nights thinking about how deathly afraid you are of BJ Penn’s rubber guard can now be temporarily placed on hold. Before, they were just ‘pending fears’ but now they’re confirmed transactions in your brain — and the Bank of You is about to overdraft your dignity after looking at this video of Penn firing heat with Matt Hughes. It’s enough that Penn can effortlessly box you up while eating taro root and talking about the origin of humanity, but now that he’s discovered the secret to disabling you at a distance…it’s just over.

Check out this BJPenn.com video of Matt Hughes and BJ Penn pulling off a Brock Lesnar in the middle of a farm.

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