Hey Gegard, need help cutting weight? Don’t worry, Jacare is here

If only TJ Dillashaw offered Renan Barao help on cutting weight instead of free Bang Ludwig striking lessons, we may have seen the most anticipated Bantamweight title fight in UFC history. I can see it now; Renan Barao stands up too fast, blacks out, and instead of smacking his dome on the floor and going to the hospital, his best buddy TJ is there to graciously catch him like an egg in an egg toss. Oh well, the Alpha Male/Nova Uniao rivalry is in full swing so don’t expect any bromance between Mendes or Aldo either.

We all know most fighters simply want nothing to do with their opponents until they enter the cage, but Jacare and Mousasi are different. They share a special weight cutting connection that has nothing to do with trying to beat the piss out of each other come fight night. In fact, they have done this before. Jacare and Mousasi cut weight together for their first fight in Japan (before Gegard up-kicked Jacare’s head through the ceiling). 

Here’s what Jacare had to say to FOX Sports:

“In Japan, I helped him to cut weight and after that I fought Mousasi on the same day. That’s part of the sport. If he needs help this fight cutting weight, I will help him again no problem. We are friends out of the Octagon and we fight inside the Octagon. That’s part of the sport. A few months ago, Mousasi was here in Brazil and we had lunch together. We’re friends and that’s just part of the sport.

While I’m all for the hatred and smack talking that goes on before fights, it’s nice to see two fighter’s that are friends be real during fight week. They don’t hate each other outside the cage, and why should they? Just because they’re fighting? If being friends doesn’t affect them punching each other’s face repeatedly, then it doesn’t affect my high interest in the fight. Jacare and Mousasi are both great fighters, and whoever wins this one could be next in line for a shot at the strap.

Great friends, great fight, I’m stoked for Friday night. Why do I unintentionally rhyme? No idea, I just know I can’t wait for fight time.

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