Herschel Walker brutalizes his way to a 2-0 record

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance Herschel Walker is older than your dad. He dominated a younger person — probably just like your dad. However, unlike your father, he never forced you to cut the grass when you were recovering from a hangover after your senior prom. He also never told you that you threw like a [expletive] after you lost your 5th grade little league divisional football game. Regardless, Herschel Walker showed the world that old-man strength does exist and if properly utilized, it will keep you on the mat like some infantile couch potato.

It started off with a lot of incoherent screams as Herschel Walker walked out to the cage. However, it didn’t look like Herschel Walker was pissed off at his opponent, not at all. It looked as if the camera caught him just as he was about to transform into one of his multiple personalities. The one that doesn’t need any oxygen when he goes full-speed in a five-minute round. In fact, after the fight was over it’s debatable whether Walker even shed a droplet of sweat. Walker managed to eventually get the TKO Scott Carson in the first round to rack up his second victory in MMA. Cain Velasquez, Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch all gave their training partner a standing ovation, solid.

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