Jack Hermansson Outpoints Chris Curtis – UFC London Results (Highlights)

Hermansson returned to the win column with a comfortable striking performance against Curtis in the UFC London co-headliner.

Jack Hermansson

A middleweight contest between Jack Hermansson and Chris Curtis is taking place now (Saturday, July 23, 2022) at UFC London.

Round 1

Hermansson throws some kicks early. He misses a superman punch. Curtis with a combination that partially lands. Hermansson connects with a few leg kicks. Hermansson with a knee to the belly before seeing his head kick blocked. Not a lot from Curtis so far who is being patient. Hermansson continues to be the more active fighter and is throwing just about everything. Hermansson eventually goes for the single but Curtis defends. Curtis pressures a bit more. Hermansson connects with a body kick. Curtis buckles a bit after eating a leg kick. Solid round for Hermansson.

Round 2

Curtis is more active early on but Hermansson is back throwing strikes and being evasive. Hermansson continues to have success with his kicking game. Curtis is showing a bit of frustration. A head kick from Hermansson sneaks through and seems to have wobbled Curtis a bit. Hermansson goes for the kill and lands some big standing elbows but Curtis survives. It’s back to where we were with Hermansson frustrating Curtis with a wide array of strikes. Curtis tries to walk Hermansson down but only lands a body shot to end the round.

Round 3

Curtis needs a finish now but it’s the same story so far with Hermansson frustrating Curtis and landing a lot more. Hermansson shoots but Curtis defends. Curtis is cutting off the cage more, but is struggling to fire. Hermansson shoots but Curtis defends only to receive a kick down low as the action is paused momentarily. Curtis has to go for broke now. He cracks Hermansson but is unable to follow it up. Hermansson connects with two body kicks in succession. Curtis shows frustration and taunts Hermansson before ending the fight by showing him two middle fingers which doesn’t please Hermansson as the two exchange heated words after the bell.

Official Result: Jack Hermansson defeats Chris Curtis via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

Check out the highlights below:




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