Herica Tiburcio taps Michelle Waterson to become the new Invicta FC atomweight champ

It’s one month from 2015, and we’re learning that we can skip a UFC. We can skip a WSoF. We can skip one of the million AXS TV promotions, and even ONE FC, but it’s hard not to plop your viewing device of choice down and not watch Invicta FC.

Sure, they’ve only had ten events now, with 8 out of 10 cards being phenomenal, and while I know they can’t possibly keep that ratio up forever (watered down cards have left me bitter), the numbers are out, and they favor Invicta. 

Invicta is becoming Pride, or old-school UFC. It even has the old Strikeforce feel to it. Maybe WEC. The women are fighting for something bigger than themselves, and even in defeat the greater good of WMMA and Invicta FC itself as a beacon of hope in a landscape of MMA that seems post-apocalyptic. Every fight was amazing, and every event it seems like the same old things are said: they fought their hearts out, they left it all on the table. 

That’s all we as fans could ever ask for, and somehow Shannon Knapp and the ladies that occupy the Invicta cage get it. I thank them for that.

Tonight, Michelle Waterson was defeated by Invicta newcomer Herica Tiburcio. It was a back and forth battle that saw wild swings on the ground, on the feet and everywhere in-between. It was a marvelous display of MMA, and in the end, the better woman on this night won.

Incredible fight. Watch it. However you can. Fight pass is worth it for Invicta.


Thanks to Jessica for the .gif!

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