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Here’s Derrick Lewis KO-ing Travis Browne but with audio of Edmond Tarverdyan edited in

Because heavyweight Derrick Lewis has no off switch, here’s yet another case of The Black Beast snatching the soul of Travis Browne. If asking “Where is Ronda Rousey’s fine ass” in his post-fight interview wasn’t enough to wet your lust for one man verbally undressing another man, we now have video footage of Lewis knocking Browne silly.

But , wait there’s more. Here’s Lewis beating down Browne but this time with the audio of Rousey/Browne head coach Edmond Tarverdyan edited into it. So listen to the UFC 207 corner audio of Edmond Tarverdyan losing his mind interlaced with Browne losing his stream of consciousness.

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Yup, no chill Derrick Lewis.

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