Here’s video of the forceful shove Jose Aldo performed on Chad Mendes’ chest

Is this going to be the new trend, shoving your opponent at media days? If so, I’m fine with it as long as it kind of evolves into a charity event like the Ice Bucket Challenge. Let’s face it, we know these two don’t like each other, but they’re also wise enough to know that the last time someone shoved their opponent at a media day, it turned into the most anticipated match since Chuck/Tito (maybe). So I don’t blame Jose for shoving Chad, he’s just raising awareness against bullying, which Team Alpha Male is clearly doing to Nova Uniao. 

This shove is unique because it takes place in a football stadium, which is cool. So +1 for that. 

Jose Aldo is pissed, but in the banner it looks like he and Chad Mendes are dancing.

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