Here’s the Combat Juggling Fight Night final, if you’re into combat juggling

Internet rule #34 states that there is porn of it. No matter what it is, out there, someone has made porn out of a subject matter. Any subject matter. Knowing rule #34 will open your eyes and narrow your Google searches, all while making you walk through life questioning everything you hold dear.

Unfortunately, MiddleEasy doesn’t have access to the mountaintop that carves internet rules into stone tablets like a Guy Fawlkes mask wearing Moses, or we’d pitch a rule stating that there’s a combat sports variation of it. 

Take Combat Juggling. Two men get on stage in front of more people than your local MMA show, start juggling, then use their bowling pin things to hit each other in an attempt to stop the other guy’s riddum. It’s an impressive combination of athleticism and hand/eye coordination mixed with a hot crowd. 

This is last month’s Combat Juggling Finals between badasses Iver Tronstad and Jochen Pfeiffer. 

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