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Here’s the backstory to Tom Lawlor’s latest walkout costume

Here’s the backstory to Tom Lawlor’s latest walkout costume

Sure, UFC 154 is the GSP/Condit show, but the cool kids in the know were most looking forward to Tom Lawlor’s walk to the scale (don’t even act like this isn’t true). When Lawlor made his way out to the stage wearing a glittery helmet and stumbled to the ground, some were confused. Well, we’re here to wave our hands in front of your eyes like a Jedi with the intention of wiping your confusion away like bird poop on a windshield so here goes. In 1993 the pro wrestler known as Typhoon and Tugboat made the jump to WCW with a brand new gimmick called ‘The Shockmaster.’ In typical grandiose pro wrestling fashion, The Shockmaster would debut amidst much shouting and Sid Vicious’ bulging neck veins.

What would go down is nothing short of one of the worst moments in pro wrestling history that didn’t involve someone dying.

Here’s a video looking back on pro wrestling face palm heard ’round the world with the .gif of Lawlor’s entrance.

You can’t have a lawl without Lawlor.

Thanks to the ZombieProphet!

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