Here’s that Genki Sudo clip everyone talks about but no one could find

However cool you think you are, Genki Sudo has exceeded everything you’ve ever accomplished in your life and he did it with a synchronized team of Japanese dancers riding shotgun. Genki Sudo is the living embodiment of everything you’ve ever wanted to accomplish in your life manifested in the body of a 16-4-1 fighter. Genki has only been stopped once in his career and it was by the stand-up of Kid Yamamoto. That was back when Kid was pound for pound the best in MMA, since he left his wife…dude can’t get a win.

Genki Sudo retired at the age of twenty-seven solely because he wanted to transition to the 4th dimension. Genki said that he was finished fighting in the 3rd dimension and his next ‘fight’ would take place on a mental/spiritual plane in the 4th dimension. However, Genki stated that he would have to reside in the 3.5th dimension in order to effectively get his message across. His message is simply: We are all one.

For the past year, people have been talking about Genki appearing on an episode of G4’s Ninja Warrior like it was some bedtime story you would tell your kids at night, however no one could produce any evidence. After nearly a year, we’ve finally found the clip of Genki Sudo on Ninja Warrior. Granted the quality isn’t that good, but where else are you going to find it? Exactly. Props to Chris for the find.


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