Our impressions of the legends in the UFC Legends EA UFC DLC

Today is the tenth of December, or as you wonky Americans call it the December of 10th. Yes, that’s a reference to how you crazy shits write your dates. And on this faithful date, EA Canada/Skybox Labs have released ‘UFC Legends’ for EA Sports UFC. The legends pack features four fighters. Mark Coleman, Matt Hughes, Rampage Jackson & Brock Lesnar. Here’s my impression of the pack.

I started off with Brock, because love him or hate him, it’s Brock Lesnar GHAT DAMNIT! There are few fighters in history that get that heart muscle pumping quite like him, whether he’s winning or losing. I really wanted him to be brilliant. My new guy for messing people up online with, but he just isn’t. He’s slow as shit, and that completely wrecks him. They seem to have completely missed his crazy athleticism. HIS HEAD IS HUGE. HIS LEGS ARE SKINNY. It’s great for a game to finally nail his odd shape, but I’m sticking with Big Nog in heavyweight, because it really pisses people off when you knock them out with him.

I moved onto Coleman next, as I noticed he was available in heavyweight also. He’s 34 years old in this, so you’re getting prime Coleman. The problem with prime coleman being, that his standup is pretty damn shitty. So you’re relying on the ground game. And whilst he hits takedowns with ease, and his clinch is powerful, the game still doesn’t have that feel of actually hurting people on the ground. What we need is Fedor punches, and they just aren’t there. So for me, Coleman’s just useless.

Next up, Matt Hughes. Again, they’ve used that Legends thing properly, and given us Matt Hughes in his prime. He’s 34 years old, fast and pretty good everywhere, just like Matt Hughes was. You can have fun with him, mix up strikes and clinchwork, or takedowns then transition all over your opponent, messing them up just as Matt Hughes did. They’ve pretty much nailed it.

Last but not least, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson. Holy shit is Rampage good. His boxing is slick, and powerful. I wrestled in reverse, and seriously messed people up. He’s likely the best of the bunch, and you’ll see that when you play as him.

For the slight negatives here, one thing you can be sure of is those Canadians will probably get things tuned up. Patch 3,412 will no doubt completely change how these fighters are, with Brock on speed, running at you like his d**k is on fire. Coleman will be able to punch through the octagon floor, and well, Hughes and ‘Page will be just fine.

As ever this update is completely free, because they still feel it necessary to make up for the game’s troubled launch. Tell them we’ve forgiven them, and GO GET IT, NOW.

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