Here’s more proof that everyone should bow to Master Steven Seagal

Life is a constant pursuit into the land of the unknown — and ultimately Steven Seagal will meet you at the end and slap you in the face for not executing a low kick properly. I’m not sure what Rampage Jackson was talking about in his interview with Ariel Helwani, but Steven Seagal is the real alpha male. When video of Anderson Silva training with Steven Seagal surfaced, everyone guffawed at the notion that Seagal would have anything to teach Silva. One front kick later, everyone claimed that it was a mere coincidence Seagal taught him his ‘deadly moves’, even after Anderson Silva admitted it inside the octagon. Lyoto Machida executes roughly the same front kick on Randy Couture’s face, gives Seagal his props on the microphone in his post-fight interview and people still disregard the genius that is Steven Seagal. Hopefully this video will put all naysayers to rest. Steven Seagal is the real deal, and real fighters take his advice. Just accept it as a part of your universe. [Source]

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