Here’s Louis Smolka performing Sweet Chin Music on Richie Vaculik at UFC Fight Night 55

UFC’s Fight Night 55 is going from the event that no one really cared about (let’s be honest) to one of those fun nights of scraps that only comes around every 2 months or so. You know what I’m talking about. It’s one of those cards that you point to when a poopy card is sold to us as ‘must watch’ and scoffs fill the air via your smarky friends. We’re fight fans, we’re watching fun fights right now on UFC Fight Pass. This is what we want, and it feels good.

If you skipped this event, turning a jaded shoulder to the sport you love, you just missed Louis Smolka coming out of his corner between rounds two and three while stamping his foot, preparing Sweet Chin Music. 

Then this happened.

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