Here’s how to do a catch-as-catch-can rear single leg pick

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There are a few things, as a grappler, that you should avoid doing at all costs.  Examples:  (1) mad dogging or otherwise irritating Rickson Gracie; (2) taunting Karl Gotch about how “pain compliance gimmicks” are stupid when you have him in the body triangle (or any other position); (3) ignoring Shinya Aoki’s hammerlock.  Those are only a few that come to mind right now.

Here’s another one- lying prone on your chest with your legs exposed around a catch wrestler.  These guys will shred your ligaments and/or tendons 5 ways from Sunday.  Maybe you’re wondering how they’ll get you down to the ground with all your junior varsity, almost-a winning-record, background.  Here’s how – check out our resident catch wrestling coach, Martin Roy (of Ville Émard Catch Wrestling, Montreal, Quebec), taking us through a rear single leg variation from being underhooked followed by several nasty submission options.

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