Here’s CM Punk, revealing all to Ariel Helwani

MMA is really fun sometimes. Usually, it takes a pro wrestler to make it really fun, which will divide plenty of NHB fans, but for those of us who just want MMA to be the biggest and best sport it can be, the signing of CM Punk is great. It’s better than Herschel Walker, while still being a rung or three below Brock Lesnar and Kimbo Slice. 

My thoughts are this: if Dana threw out Kimbo, why sign Punk? How amazing would MMA be right now if Kimbo and Punk were in the UFC together. If only there was some consistency, a method to the madness. Maybe it’s the fact that we never know what the hell is going to happen for good or ill that makes this so special. The bottom line is that CM Punk is good for MMA, even if he gets knocked out in his first fight. Does it debase the “sport”? Yes. A little. Jake Shields beats Punk with an arm tied behind his back, and he was cut. Same with Fitch and many others. But this is fun. MMA hasn’t been fun in a while, so this CM Punk tentpole is accepted by me with open arms.

And he’s well-spoken. That’s something that is rare in this sport, so that’s a breath of fresh air. 

Watch this great interview.

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