Here’s a fun preview of DaDa 5000 on ESPN E:60


I spent my entire extra long Easter holiday weekend both carless and computerless.  Most of my time was spent testing how far I could slide in my socks across the wood floor in my hallway, watching Food Network and baking cookies. I wish I had known that Felice Herrig had requested a rhinestone infested MiddleEasy shirt. I could have spent many hours perfecting the craft of bedazzling this weekend, instead of filling my fridge and belly with herbally infused snickerdoodles and Mexican Rhubarb Chocolate Chunk Brownies.

Thankfully, it is now Monday and I was able to pawn off all of my baked goodies to the starving young bachelor guys I work with that also fixed my car over the weekend. Just a few of the perks of working with all men-they can not only fix your car, but they will happily take homemade kitchen experiments as payment. Thanks to them not only do I have a working vehicle again, but I also no longer have to worry about eating myself into an early gluttonous sugar overdose death or worse yet, a new larger jeans size.

Being back at work also gives me access to the beloved internet once again. The first thing MMA related I saw this morning is ESPN E:60 is going to be featuring DaDa 5000 on tomorrow night’s episode at 7pm EST.  For the 17 people that don’t already know, DaDa 5K is a fighter and promotor of some controversial backyard fighting in Florida. If you haven’t caught an epsisode of E:60 yet, I recommend you start tomorrow. Go ahead and tackle that brownie recipe while you are at it, too-they sure are tasty. Check out this mini preview of the show:



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