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Here are the top five first hypothetical opponents for Jack Swagger to fight in Bellator

Here are the top five first hypothetical opponents for Jack Swagger to fight in Bellator

Bellator is out here making moves. Days after they announced their eight man heavyweight tournament, the Spike TV promo signed Jack Swagger to a deal.

The pro wrestling-mixed martial arts connection will never die. Just accept your WWE tinted fate MMA fans. To celebrate former WWE world heavyweight champion Jack Swagger coming to the Bellator cage, let’s book his first opponent for his MMA rookie run.

Here are the top five tantalizing story lines for Swagger to make his MMA debut with.

5) Ralek Gracie

Someone form the Gracie fighting a pro wrestler, where have we seen this before? Sure, Ralek Gracie is a middleweight but maybe the size edge gives Swagger a better chance to win his debut.

4) Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley would love this fight. No matter who wins, Bellator gets one of their pro wrestlers a win.

3) Wade Barrett

A reboot of a newish WWE feud but in a Bellator cage? Sold. Wade Barrett does have a boxing background and if he ever wanted to try MMA, Bellator should welcome him with open arms.

2) Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock is still technically listed as a Bellator fighter, so let’s give him one more big fight before retirement. WWF vs. WWE meet as Shamorck puts over Swagger on his way out.

1) Fedor

Just go for broke Bellator. Let’s say Fedor is bounced in the first round of the Grand Prix and Swagger still needs a first opponent. Russia vs. USA! Sambo vs. wrestling! Pride would do it, no questions asked.

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