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Hell yeah, we asked for a .gif and James Krause delivered in style

Hell yeah, we asked for a .gif and James Krause delivered in style

*Cough* So yeah, we’re just going to hang our hat on James Krause over here and remind everyone that he has two fights with us in his corner and two sick knockouts. Just sayin’. Just sayin’. It’s not like the fighters we endorse don’t have a fantastic and awe-inspiring finish rate when the MiddleEasy Monster™ stands proudly on their butt or thigh, but 100% first round .giffable KOs? I don’t know if .giffable is even close to a word, but it works. We’re going with it. Very nice James Krause, you just beat an undefeated fighter in Guilherme Trindade who has scary Brazilian hands with a 100% finish rate in thirty one seconds at RFA 4 tonight.

While we are at it with the Poster Boy love, let’s also point out that James Krause is an exceptional Battlefield 3 player, and has an entertaining Twitter account. We hope you celebrate your win (our win) tonight in a safe and fun matter. Hell yeah.

Thanks to Zprophet for the .gif! This couldn’t of happened without ZP and Krause working together. Yes!!!

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