Helicopter footage of Mayhem getting arrested at least shows that Gator is okay

We know Mayhem was in the wrong, he brought this upon himself and he likely has an untreated illness of some sort, but until that comes to light it’s conjecture. For now, he’s just a person who has made a long line of serious misjudgments and it has all come to a head here in this truly horrible situation. 

At first you want to joke about it, as that’s the form my personal grief usually takes, but now my heart really goes out to Mayhem Miller. We’ve interacted with him plenty of times. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But no one deserves to have an entire SWAT team (not to mention a couple robots) called down on them, especially when the specific reason gets more and more hazy.

Lt. Jeff Hallock with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department told KTLA:

“Deputies were trying to serve an arrest warrant for alleged stalking at the home when the situation escalated into a SWAT call.” 

This article could quickly spin into a rant of wasted resources and the alarming amount of ****ed up shit that’s been going on with police across the country, so I’m not really going to touch on that. You guys are smart enough to be informed. You also know we’re lucky no violence took place today.

The honest truth is that this footage wouldn’t normally be article-worthy, I just had to share it because misery loves company, and I’m heartbroken. Look at Gator, Miller’s dog, loyally by his side until he follows them around the corner as Miller’s taken away by police. That got to me

Luckily, Gator, nor anyone else was hurt in the incident, and hopefully he’s being taken care of tonight. Hopefully everyone is being taken care of tonight. Even you. This is such a shitty situation…

Let’s hope this leads to Mayhem getting the help he needs. 

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