Heath Herring has grown a luscious head of hair and doesn’t know his girlfriend very well

Fedor is losing multiple fights in a row, Big Nog takes more fights with Staph than humans, MMA in Japan is dead as we know it. What happened? It was just a few years ago Heath Herring was leg kicking Giant Silva for ten minutes straight. Damn this changing of the guard and lack of freakshows. There is probably a whole generation of fight fans out there who don’t even know who the Texas Crazy Horse is, and that’s kind of sad, right? Herring is the only dude who can say he fought prime Fedor, Big Nog, Mark Kerr, Cro Cop and a green Brock Lesnar. it’s OK, Heath Herring doesn’t seem to mind being out of the MMA spotlight, he’s playing professional poker with his attractive girlfriend in one arm while running his free hand through a thick head of hair and incredible beard. Watch this video of Herring and his ‘GF‘ proving their knowledge of each other to each other.

Notice how Herring didn’t kiss his girlfriend? He hates kissing


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