Hear Ronda Rousey Talk About Her Love for Pokemon

See, Ronda Rousey might seem like some big star who is orbiting the Earth as opposed to living down here with the rest of us, but the truth is that Ronda is a nerd, Ronda is in fact probably a bigger nerd than any of us (or you, stop playing high and mighty in the comments, dawg). Why? Because she is an obsessive Pokemon fan. Yes, the Japanese RPGs about collecting ‘em all is one of Ronda’s favorite pastimes.

Listen to Ronda talk about how many hours she sunk into each game, as well as her patented Pokemon weight loss guide; just play Pokemon, drink milk and eat graham crackers. Before you say, “well that was when she was a kid, she’s famous now, she doesn’t have time for that,” realize that she’s talking about Pokemon X and Y as well, which came out in the Fall of last year. So there’s a good chance that while she was preparing for the biggest UFC of the year she was sharpening her Pokemon skills the whole way through.

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