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Heads up to all you cheapskates, you can watch Strikeforce for free this weekend

Heads up to all you cheapskates, you can watch Strikeforce for free this weekend

Let’s be honest, getting older sucks. Sure, you can choose to stay up as late as you want playing Skyrim in your underwear but we all know that this is just glancing back to childlike innocence before the rectum of reality closes tight and Monday comes around again. We can’t even buy breakfast cereal with a prize inside without feeling guilty anymore. That doesn’t mean we don’t buy it, but the excitement of finding a sliding puzzle in your bowl has definitely been diminished, and not just because they are far too easy now.

But fear not my adult friends, for the pleasure of unexpectedly getting something for nothing has not been lost, you just need to look a little harder. For example, if you were planning on watching Strikeforce: Rockhold vs Jardine this weekend but with the force of a faceplant on concrete realized that you didn’t have Showtime then you can rejoice in the fact that the channel is free this weekend! Check the details and their schedule on their official website.

They are dubbing it ‘The Showtime All Access Free Preview Weekend’ and it will cover Showtime, Showtime HD and Showtime on Demand, but not Showtime Extreme, where the Strikeforce prelims are being aired. Showtime has decided that Friday is now the start of the weekend and thus “The Showtime All Access Free Preview Weekend” actually starts on Friday, January 6th. So now you have no excuse to not count the number of times Jardine’s style is referred to as ‘herky jerk’ while tweeting cynical and sarcastic remarks about the event, like a true adult.

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