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Heads up, this is the new MiddleEasy…

Heads up, this is the new MiddleEasy…

For many of you that have accepted the new MiddleEasy, then this article was not written for you. Feel free to skip the rest of this and continue to gather your party supplies in preparation of Invicta FC 6 going down tonight at 6:00pm.

Now for the small portion of you that can’t comprehend what happened to MiddleEasy the past week, why don’t you take a seat right over there and listen.

On the night of July 4th 2013, MiddleEasy underwent a site reimagination that included a completely new design, along with the expansion of the topics the writers on MiddleEasy covered. We also added a few new writers to the site to handle this expansion. Instead of just MMA, MiddleEasy now covers everything fighting (including MMA, boxing, kickboxing, Street MMA — basically anything that involves people fighting). The site also covers gaming, entertainment, and science.

The truth is, we’ve been covering this stuff on MiddleEay for years. In 2012 Microsoft gave us review copies of Halo 4 and we did a damn thorough breakdown of the game back in October. In 2009 when EA MMA was being developed, we were the first in the world to see the game in action and we provided you guys an amazing influx of news. Heck, just last month we filled MiddleEasy with a number of gaming related articles from the E3 Expo, including our world exclusive of EA UFC.

Folks, even the way we’ve been writing our articles have been in such a non-sequitor method that the expansion of MiddleEasy shouldn’t even be a surprise to you. We’ve been including 90s pop references in articles, comparing fighters to videogame characters, scientifically breaking down fights with actual science, and throwing odes to comic books in our work for years. In fact, that’s what made MiddleEasy what it is. We’ve never approached MMA in a straight-laced way.

Now one thing must be said: MiddleEasy will never go back to just covering MMA and the site will never go back to the old redesign. Those days are over. There will never be another day in this universe in which MiddleEasy strictly covers MMA.

For some of you, that reality is just too tough to comprehend. Those same people post comments on the site along the lines of ‘Is this the new MiddleEasy?’ or ‘What happened to MiddleEasy?’ To those people, this article was created just for you.

This is the new MiddleEasy.

That may be too much to take in, I know. Change is quite difficult to ingest when it’s first introduced. However, do note that our quality of MMA coverage has not faltered. We’ve just reduced the fat of a lot of the MMA content on MiddleEasy. We’re still bringing you up-to-date MMA news that matters, strange and bizarre knockouts from across the world, all of the cooky MMA conspiracy theories that you love, wild statements fighters make in regards to other fighters, Sunday Morning Rumor Mill, Street MMA — basically everything is there still. We just won’t be forced to wedge news you don’t really care about, like a fight change on a Facebook prelim between two 145 lbs Brazilians you’ve never heard of (we love Brazil on MiddleEasy, btw).

We’ve going to cover Fighting, Gaming, Entertainment, and Science on MiddleEasy in the same style we’ve been covering content on MiddleEasy for years.

To wrap it up, we have so much planned for you guys in the coming months. Stuff that hasn’t even been done before on the internet, and all of you will be involved in it. If you want to stop reading MiddleEasy, then fine. However, I can assure that you will be missing out a multitude of things.

If you only want fighting news, then click on the ‘Fighting‘ tab and bookmark it. We’ve even made an entire RSS feed just for MiddleEasy fighting news.

Another heads up, let this be the article in which you post all of your ‘Is this the new MiddleEasy?’ comments and general complaints. However, from this moment on, all comments posted on articles that are snide remarks about the new MiddleEasy will be deleted. Keep it up and your IP will be banned. That’s just something we have to do to keep the idiot level low on MiddleEasy. If you don’t like gaming, then don’t click on a videogame article. It’s pretty simple, folks.

There, that’s all we have to say. Now let us all get ready to watch Marloes Coenen vs. Cris Cyborg tonight in Invicta FC 6.

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