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Heads up, Houston Alexander vs. Gilbert Yvel is going down March 30th at RFA2

Heads up, Houston Alexander vs. Gilbert Yvel is going down March 30th at RFA2

They say give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. If you give Gilbert Yvel a referee, he’ll right hook him in the ear and soccer kick him on the mat. Gilbert Yvel wasn’t born. He just ripped through his mother’s womb and started ground and pounding the doctor. He’s undoubtedly the rawest fighter to ever enter a ring and now I will issue a general warning to everyone reading this: Gilbert Yvel vs. Houston Alexander is going down March 30th in friggin’ Nebraska!

Resurrection Fighting Alliance has announced the fight will headline the promotion’s second event. The bout will be contested at light heavyweight. As of today, it’s impossible to watch the match unless you reside in Nebraska or just have an extreme obsession with taking a road trip to the middle of nowhere.

Don’t be surprised if Gilbert jumps in the cage with a Klingon deathsword and starts slicing every neck within a mile of him. Even if that happened, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s Gilbert Yvel, man. It shouldn’t surprise anyone. The guy has been disqualified for biting (Mike Tyson style) and my personal favorite, eye gouging. Gilbert Yvel isn’t out there to win, he’s out to claim souls. Props to Chris G. for the find.

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