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He’s got big balls: T.J. Dillashaw wants winner of Aldo/McGregor

He’s got big balls: T.J. Dillashaw wants winner of Aldo/McGregor

Submission Radio has been killing it for the last year+. There are few people in the MMA Media-sphere that are getting as great and interesting of interviews than the dude who runs what I like to call “the little yellow box of information.” 

In this latest episode of Submission Radio, T.J. Dillashaw officially steps up and shows off his bantamweight balls by declaring he’ll gladly fight the winner of Aldo/McGregor. Maybe he doesn’t know that those guys could by lightweights or even welterweights if they wanted to, but hey, what can you do?

“I would love to do a champion vs. champion fight. That’s like my next goal. The goal was to become best in the world in my weightclass and I’ve done it. I need to obviously stay dominant and hold my belt and continue to do so, but I would love to in the future fight champion vs. champion and go up a weight class and do that. That’s my main goal now.”

“Well obviously I’m going to believe in myself and I’m going to win that fight. I feel that I can hold my own with him striking. I know that he’s a big 145 pounder so his reach will give me a little bit of trouble, but you know, to work my way in and use my wrestling pedigree. I think I’d be able to wear him out and keep him guessing and I would win that fight against McGregor or Aldo. “Whoever is going to win the fight, I would beat either of them.”

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