Have your horse meat Overeem, Gunnar Nelson eats sheep’s head, SON!

Ubereem rejects your nutritional supplement reality and replaces it with steaks of horse meat. Well, multiple steaks of horse meat. It’s a well-known fact that the DREAM/K-1/Strikeforce heavyweight champion likes to indulge on the decedents of Mr. Ed whenever he requires a mid-night snack. Generally, whenever humans feel the need to eat an animal, we always choose something that we can easily beat up in a street fight. I can never imagine a scenario in which a chicken will give me any problems inside the cage. I’m pretty sure I can outbox 100% of all cows on this earth. Therefore it sort of makes sense that Gunnar Nelson would eat a sheep’s head in its entirety prior to an MMA bout.

Check out what the 24-year-old undefeated welterweight likes to snack on, and enjoy that plate of cold eggs you’re eating for breakfast. Props to Kieran for the find.

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