Have you ever wanted a clicker from The Last of Us in your home? Now’s your chance!

I’m a weird person, I’m the type of person who will collect Pez and Hot Wheels (and leave them in the package, obviously). When it comes to figures though, I’ve always loved the idea of having them, especially now since we’ve reached a point to where they are so gorgeous that I yearn for them. Yet when I’m faced with the decision of actually purchasing one, I always ended up deciding against it.

You may be asking yourself, why wouldn’t I want to purchase an action figure to display prominently. Well, the answer is simple, I’d be faced with the decision of whether to keep it in the package, or taking it out so I can actually enjoy how it looks. Simply put, that’s not something I’m willing to face. The idea of it terrifies me.

Quite frankly, the idea of having a clicker in my house terrifies me as well, so even if I didn’t have this strange phobia of opening collectibles. I’d still be terrified, just because of all the anxiety The Last of Us gave me. It sure is a fine lookin’ clicker though.

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