Hatsu Hioki will not be defending his Shooto belt tonight, but still expect greatness

Some of you just clicked on this article in hopes that I would have the technology that would enable you to watch Shooto Tradition 2011 which goes down tonight in the Tokyo Dome City Hall. Well, the answer that you hoped I would provide is to download Keyhole TV and watch the live broadcast absolutely free of charge, and legally. In a perfect world, this solution would yield amazing results. Unfortunately, this event will not air live on Japanese television nor will it be streamed anywhere on the internet. We’re going to have to take everyone’s word that it actually happened, which just illustrates how underdeveloped the sport of MMA really is.

It’s a shame, because it’s a damn good card.

Fellow Frate Trane member, Hatsu Hioki, will participate in a non-title bantamweight bout against King of the Cage champion, Donald Sanchez who is comfortably riding a seven-fight win streak. It’s Sanchez’s first international fight, so thumbs up for experiencing Asia. It’s a great place. You will never want to leave, trust me.

If you disregard Hioki’s controversial split-decision loss against Omigawa (a former Frate Trane member) at Sengoku 11, then Hioki would be riding an eleven-fight win streak. However, that’s like me saying to disregard the open sore on your friend’s lip and elect to share a burrito with him/her on a Friday night. There’s some stuff that’s just impossible to ignore. Lion Takeshi will also be participating on Shooto Tradition 2011 against the current Pacific Rim title holder, Taiki Tsuchiya. Greatest thing of all, Shooto Tradition 2011 will be used to raise funds for the victims that were affected by last month’s tsnuami/earthquake in Japan.

We’ll try to get up the video of Hioki’s fight as soon as possible, but if you somehow find it before us, feel free to post it in the comment section below and we’ll promptly give you a pat on the back.

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