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Greg Hardy: ‘Ex-Con’ Derrick Lewis Needs To Be Handled For Talking Trash About Me

Lewis has long spoken trash about Hardy, leading many fans to desire a heavyweight matchup between the pair despite the latter's inexperience.

Greg Hardy: ‘Ex-Con’ Derrick Lewis Needs To Be Handled For Talking Trash About Me

Greg Hardy plans on shutting Derrick Lewis up eventually.

Lewis hasn’t been shy to let his feelings be known about Hardy, who was kicked out the NFL following a domestic violence dispute with the charges later getting dropped.

With Hardy later joining the UFC, many fans and observers have been calling for a fight between the pair despite Hardy’s inexperience in the sport.

Hardy wants it as well, but only when the timing is right as he fired back at Lewis, who takes on Ciryl Gane for the interim heavyweight title at UFC 265 next month.

“I’m going for Ciryl, bro. I can’t support fat,” Hardy said during media day (via MMA Fighting). “I can’t do it. He’s gelatinous, he’s lazy. I can’t root for him. He’s a great fighter but I refuse to do it. Plus he talks to much trash about me…

“He ran his mouth. Say my name and I’m coming for you. The boss is going to send me. That’s a guy that wasn’t mentioned but decided to grace his fat Popeye’s, greasy, chicken lips with my name when I was a peasant. When I was a young child. What grown man – what would it look like for me to attack somebody that just came off the Contender Series right now? You’d be like, ‘Ah, he’s childish!’ But you guys let that man gyrate, belittle me. Nah, he needs to be handled. He’s an ex-con that doesn’t know when to shut up and I’m gonna put him down when I need to. Of course, timing is everything and I’m still not there yet. I’m willing to admit that he is a better man right now but he’s still a fatty.”

Hardy: I Am Not A Villain

Hardy — who faces Tai Tuivasa at UFC 264 this weekend — also went on to add that despite the perception of most in the sporting world, he is far from a bad guy.

“I’m not a villain,” Hardy added. “I’m well-spoken. I’m pretty. I eat well. I have kids. I’m a great father. I’m a great citizen. I’m an awesome American. I’m a Republican guy. I vote. What kind of villain would I be? I’ve never been convicted of anything that they said I was.

“Dude, I’m a regular, run-of-the-mill guy that’s learning on the way up, taking responsibility for his mess-ups and taking over. If I bow down to this villainous, cowardice stigma, dogma that they try to put on me, I wouldn’t be a ‘Prince’ now would I? I’d be a peasant. I’m a future king, why would I bow down?”

While that remains to be seen, one thing is for sure — most fans would love to see Lewis and Hardy share the Octagon one day.

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