MMA Rundown

Happy Spider fight week! Here’s highlights of all of Anderson Silva’s UFC KO’s in one video

Anderson Silva is fighting this weekend. From here on out, every time we see Silva compete it may be last time we get to see one of MMA’s GOATs fight at the highest level. 2017 has been the kind of year where BJ Penn, Fedor and Spider Silva all fight in a cage in the span of 33 days.

With the cocoon of what was BJ Penn still floating out in the air, its Silva’s turn to see if he can bob and weave away from the clinch game of Father Time. Before Derek Brunson potentially punches a hole through Anderson Silva at UFC 208, let’s remember the good old days when The Spider ruled the UFC for over half a decade.

Watch this highlight video in your favorite pair of yellow and black shorts, light an acai berry scented candle, then walk out of the room with a single tear on your cheek as Ain’t No Sunshine by DMX plays in the background.

H/T to @BrattMamley for the video