Happy Easter, everyone!

My time in Singapore comes to an end in a few hours, but I woke up at 5:15am just to deliver you guys a Happy Easter article. There’s still more great content coming from Evolve MMA, and Singapore in general, so everyone just take it easy. The site will return to the happy equilibrium that you guys remember sometime tomorrow night when I step foot in Los Angeles and lock myself in my place for the remainder of the week. However, props to Jason Nawara and Cat Von C for holding down the site while I’m away. Without them, me traveling to the opposite end of the planet would not have been possible.

Happy Easter everyone! Eat a ridiculous amount of candy and be sure to paint an innumerable amount of chicken embryos. Relax, drink up and just forget all of your worries — at least for one day. There will be no Sunday Morning Rumor Mill today. Come on, it’s Easter! See you in the US tomorrow!

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