Halo: Nightfall looks gorgeous. Thanks, Ridley Scott

I just want Ridley Scott to get done with Prometheus 2 so he can release it, then come out with the Blu-Ray Special Edition that’s full of references to Xenomorphs. I don’t care if Ridley Scott is the guy behind the whole series – Prometheus (to me) is a direct prequel to Alien, and it drives me insane that he doesn’t want to have more Xenomorphs in the movie. Yeah, a bunch of crappy Alien vs. Predator movies came out, and that bitter, acid taste is in your mouth, Ridley. But don’t let that get you down!

I can look past all of the ridiculousness in Prometheus if you just give me more ties to Alien. Is that so wrong to ask? You had the one guy who was an expert in maps get lost, you had the most brilliant scientists in the world act like dumb kids poking at pods and black goo, JUST GIVE ME XENOMORPHS AND THEIR ORIGIN.

Put one in Halo: Nightfall for all I care.

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