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Guy uses his BJJ to choke some dude out at a gas station

The only way to start off your Monday morning is to watch some drunk shirtless dude get rear naked choked by some neatly dressed guy at a gas station. To put the icing on the Wal-Mart cake, dude gives an account of the entire story on his Youtube page and then invites people to train with him. That’s the ultimate plug. Here’s what ‘neatly dressed guy’ said on Youtube video description:

Walking from a gas station back to my truck a very angry shirtless individual starts screaming and yelling at everyone. My initial reaction is not fear for myself but rather for the people around who he could potentially injure. My comments were non aggressive and non-threatening however he proceeded to attack me. I am purple belt level in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and although he was much bigger than me I was able to safely close the distance and take him down. After achieving a dominant top mount he rolled over and that is when I used a rear naked choke. This choke completely cuts blood flow to the brain and it was not long until he was still.

If my intentions were to brag I would have playing Mama said knock you out. I believe this video is very educational, showing an art form that has the greatest scientific methods of self defense as it is one of the most effortless ways to achieve complete control without anyone getting hurt. To elaborate I elected not to hurt this person during times where he was vulnerable such as my top mount and of course while he was unconscious where I can do anything. I am free from having to worry about legal troubles as BJJ uses controlling techniques that don’t batter and bruise someone, rather put them into submission where the outcome is entirely in your favor from every point of view. I was able to defend myself without sacrifice. I found out later when police showed up that he was already in trouble for assault. They encouraged me to press charges but I decided not to.

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