Guy gets knocked out and his body does a little dance on the canvas

Nothing surprises me more than my ability to write this article at the present time. You guys don’t even know what time this thing was published, but consider it officially an ‘ungodly time.’ Whatever time you think is godly — it’s the exact opposite — and that’s the stupid expression known to humanity.

Actually the stupidest expression known to humanity is ‘for real?’ being uttered after a person tells a reasonably comprehensible but surprising story. The next time someone follows up something I said with ‘for real?’ then I’m going to immediately respond with ‘for fake!‘ and throw confetti in their face. Pocked-sized confetti, available at all times — that’s the future America I want to live in.

Oh, and post-KO dances like this one from Black Country OCTOBER Fight Night between Chris Pollock vs. Shane Willliams. Check it out and props to one of our MiddleEasy readers for the find.

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