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GSP Will Search For Dinosaur Bones In What Will Surely Be Your New Favorite Show

GSP Will Search For Dinosaur Bones In What Will Surely Be Your New Favorite Show

It seems like this event has been building for the last 350 million years. Almost as if all of our existence has been bubbling to this crescendo moment in time. An expert in the ageless art of human combat will rifle through the dirt of the Earth to excavate the skeletons of Terrible Lizards.

I can’t believe I’m saying it, but yes, Georges St-Pierre will host a HISTORY channel show where he will travel around and talk about dinosaurs. I am impressed with this performance.

“Premiering April 14th at 9E/P on HISTORY, the special television eventThe Boneyard with Georges St-Pierre sees the iconic athlete live out his childhood dream by tracking down the most vicious predators to ever walk the earth. Over two exciting half hour specials, Georges’ off-grid adventure takes him from the badlands of South Dakota, to the swamps of Alabama, to Argentina’s dinosaur graveyard, Patagonia, in order to reveal the truth about prehistoric life.” –

I have so many quesitons: Could this be the start of a new profession? Will GSP be the first mixed martial paleontologist? Does this mean me could get a Jurassic World 2 cameo? What about the next show being Sage Northcutt and GSP touring America’s museums?

Either way, I’ll be there watching the whole time. In the meantime, check out this French interview where GSP talks about his love of dinosaurs.

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