GSP Could Return At UFC 245 ‘If Usman Or Colby Get Injured’

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GSP Coach Says He Could Return At UFC 245

Georges St. Pierre officially retired from MMA, earlier this year. However, according to his coach Frias Zahabi, he may be back soon.

GSP walked away from MMA, only to return for the Middleweight title. Following a win there, he vacated the belt almost immediately, citing health issues. Subsequently, after failed negotiations for a fight with lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov, he officially announced his retirement from MMA.

Despite this retirement, GSP has maintained that he would return for the Khabib fight. Moreover, the UFC has since warmed up a bit to that idea. On the other hand, GSP’s longtime coach Frias Zahabi says there is another fight that could bring him back to the UFC. Speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience, he said that there is even a possibility we see him back before the end of the year.

“[He trains] all the time man, He’s a machine. Dude, I’m telling you, if Usman or Colby gets injured… I don’t want to talk for Georges but man, he can kill anybody. He can kill anybody this man. He’s the world’s greatest martial artist. I think so. i’m telling you, He’s a monster. I was just training with him Saturday.”

Despite what Frias Zahabi thinks, it seems incredibly unlikely that Georges St. Pierre would return at UFC 245. Even if the UFC was interested in letting that happen, there is a large process for that fight to be able to happen. Nevertheless, this could mean that he might return for a different fight, besides the Khabib match.

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