Georges St-Pierre Details Why We Must Leave Earth; Would Love To Spend A Weekend On Mars

GSP has some insight 'that is out of this world'.

Gsp Mars
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Georges St-Pierre believes humanity must ‘spread its seed’ across the stars.

We all know GSP’s alleged experiences with aliens. But little did we know about his other insight on outer space, such as Mars and potentially leaving Earth. 

The former UFC Welterweight and Middleweight Champion has plenty to talk about when it comes to space exploration. He has had much time to gather his thoughts in his time away from the Octagon. GSP would retire from MMA twice, the first being 2013 and the last being 2017. 

One thing he didn’t retire was his free-thinking mind. He’d give us a look at what goes on in his ‘noggin’ while on a podcast with Lex Fridman. GSP may not be an astronaut or a rocket scientist, but he’d give his own personal opinions on Earth and the vast expanse of space. 

Earth’s ‘Salvation’

He believes we need to ditch our home planet in the future to preserve humanity. 

“I think it’s a must [for] our salvation,” St-Pierre said. “We need to leave [Earth] at some point. Historically in the past, we’ve been bombarded by asteroid, volcano. Crazy things happen here. It’s very unstable. If you look at it through a lifetime of a human being, it’s nothing. But just look, 12,000 years ago, what happened? There is cataclysm that happen all the time. It’s very unstable.

“So if we want to survive as a species… we need to get out, be able to get out and spread our seed.”

Next Stop, Mars!

Upon GSP stating we ‘need’ to leave Earth, Lex Fridman would ask the UFC hall-of-famer about potential colonization of Mars. 

St-Pierre doesn’t think it’s likely that he’ll get to see the red planet for himself, but believes his descendants will. Especially, with humanity’s ‘salvation’ being on the line. 

“With the technology we have now, maybe in the future. Maybe the children of our children will be able to experience that. Go to the weekend on Mars.” GSP laughs. 

Would GSP Go To Mars?

When asked about himself potentially going to space, GSP seemed a bit skeptical. There’s a lot of untapped things we don’t know about that. While St-Pierre was a longtime fighter, he is still worried about his safety.

But one thing’s for sure. ‘Weekending’ on another planet sounds super cool to ‘Rush’. 

“You might not be healthy when you come back,” St-Pierre added. “All the astronauts, they experience health issues. They lose a lot of muscle mass and bone density. So yeah, I don’t think the technology is good right now. I mean, let’s say it is— I would love to be doing it for a weekend, if it’s safe.

“I wouldn’t want to be the first [to be on Mars]. I wouldn’t want to, I leave the other one. But when I know it’s safe. Okay. Count me in.”

Published on January 30, 2022 at 8:20 pm
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