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GSP knows you think he’s good looking, and he’s okay with it

GSP knows you think he’s good looking, and he’s okay with it

Georges St. Pierre is a young, rich, successful fighter who hasn’t lost in what seems like forever. Not to mention his upcoming role in the upcoming Captain America sequel. Oh, and he’s in the video game “Sleeping Dogs.” Even for the heterosexual male, those accomplishments are seductive. Look, we know you have a man crush on GSP, it’s cool. Sexuality has always been at the forefront of MMA, at least that’s what Bob Arum wants us to believe.

So it makes sense that most people lust over the UFC welterweight champion like Michelle Lopez fawns over Roger Huerta. In an interview with Fighters Only, GSP announced that he’s cool with people’s obsession over him — the guy loves being a sex symbol.

In terms of being a sex symbol or something, I don’t know about that. I think I still have a lot to be in order to be a sex symbol. But if people have of that image me it’s fine, I’ll take it (laughs). There are a lot of athletes who are called sex symbols and they do very well, so. David Beckham is one of them. To be compared to a guy like him it makes me… I’m very happy, you know?”

GSP is like the Buckaroo Banzai of mixed martial arts. Also, shout out to the three people that understood that reference.

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